May 2008

RSS Feed

I have added an RSS feed to the blog.  This will make it easier for people to keep track of new entries!

Slide shows

Slide shows

I'm so excited!  I now have the capabilities to offer slideshows on DVD!!  Click on the photo for a demo.  

My dogs

I really don't take enough photos of my own dogs.  So, here they are!! 


Sparky is a 10 year old Border Collie/Husky mix.  I just love him to bits.


Alika will be 6 in July, my how time flies!!  
She is the household clown.


Eklypse just turned 3.  She is the worrier but we are working on it.

I've added their images to the About page as they are a very important part of my life.

French Ring


I went to Montreal yesterday to watch and get some practice photographing French Ring training for the upcoming trial in June. I took several pictures of Ekypse's half-sister Sasha. Then I found a tutorial on the web on how to fill letters with images and first word collage!!

Website updated!

I have re-vamped my website!!  I'm very excited to have taken control over it.  Now I will be able to make changes whenever I feel like it!  And, I will be able to put a listing of my event albums directly on it without having to send people to the BlogSpot site.  I've also brought my blog directly on it as well.  There will be plenty of updates so please do come back and check often!

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