November 2008

Photos with Santa

Pooh1I photographed my second "Photos with Santa" fundraiser for this year.  Pooh Bear is the dog that marked the start of Hopeful Hearts Rescue. You wouldn't know from this picture that she's a senior!!  She definitely has a puppyish charm!

One more fundraiser to go for 2008!

New Logo!!!

I have a new logo!!!  I'm very excited to start using it!  Many thanks to Tara Goldak for coming up with such a great logo and to Kelly St. Jacques for the tag line.


DSC_0029 Meet the newest member of my fly ball team "Leading Edge"!!  Tuesday is a 12 week old Italian Greyhound.  We had quite the fun time yesterday posing for shots.  She has personality plus!!

Doesn't she look just regal in her pink feather boa??  She was however, more interested in tearing it apart than she was with wearing it!!!!

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