January 2009


DSC_0022During the summer of 2007, I did a photo shoot with Maxim Cossette, an aspiring model.  We had a great TFP session.  He told me last year that he had been accepted by Barrett Palmer Models.  The other day I was checking out their site and found his on-line portfolio.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had used one of my images!  I wish him all the best!!  He was fun and easy to work with.  I think that he has the potential to go far.

Ottawa Dog Blog

Liz Kerrison runs a nice little blog that is a wonderful resource for people in the Ottawa area for all things dog related.  Today I was featured in an interview on the site!!  Please go check it out at the Ottawa Dog Blog.  

Ottawa Canine School

I had a good time watching all the dogs and puppies play on Wednesday evening.  So much so that I'm going to go again on the 28th!!  For more information please go to Ottawa Canine School.  

Wednesday Wonders

I will be at the Ottawa Canine School this evening taking pictures of the puppies playing during Wednesday Wonders.  For more information please visit the Ottawa Canine School.

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