December 2009


melvinI first met Melvin out at Natural Pet Foods in Carleton Place. I was holding a photo exhibit day and he stole my heart. I knew that my pocket book just could not support another animal so I took his picture in the hopes of helping him to find a wonderful home. I couldn't stop talking about him. My room mate saw his picture on my computer and fell head over heels for him as well. A short while he was adopted by her and he made himself right at home.

He was a brat!! He would sneak up on Jasper, my room mate's other cat, and play with her tail while she was sleeping. He would hang out on the kitchen table and play with the dogs' tails as they went by. In the summer, he would lounge about at the end of the driveway and the neighbourhood kids would stop and pat him as they went by. He somehow became known as "Marvin" to the various neighbours.

Unfortunately he became very sick with Feline Infectious Peritonitis. The decision was made by my room mate to end his pain but she did not have the strength to be there with him. I told her make the appointment when I could go and I would stay with him. Melvin peacefully left this world in my arms on Wednesday afternoon. He will be sadly missed and fondly remembered.

Rest in peace little guy and remember to keep that mischievous nature as it was so totally you..

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