October 2009


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Yesterday evening the Professional  Photographers Network Group had a monthly meeting.  Denis Rule put on a studio lighting workshop.  Fun was had by all and I certainly learned a lot.  Now it seems that I need to go out and buy an Expo Disc and some Pocket Wizards!

Ella Rose was our model of the evening.  She was exceptionally patient with us all!  I would love to do more "human" photography.  I really enjoyed working with her.  I'm sure that we will see more of her in the future.  She has talent, ambition and a very professional attitude!

For fun, I made a little promo out of one the head shots that I took of her.  I'm wondering if the "Ella Rose" is a little too overbearing.  What do you think?



Monte is a lovely soul. Much to his owner's dismay, he had a grand old time splashing and swimming in the water this morning!! We had wonderful weather for the shoot after all the rain over the past few days and by the end of it, both dog and owner were quite dirty but also very happy!

BARK In The Park


For the past several years, BARK does a fund raiser at Bruce Pit in October. Fall pictures are the theme. This year I was able to help out. Pam Casselman of Pam's Pooch Parlour was also there doing nail clipping. We took a photo of a bunch of fly ball dogs. 12 dogs all lined up and staying still for their photo op...what a blast!!!!

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