September 2009



She takes a little while to warm up to strangers, but when she does, she melts your heart! This little girl is definitely a charmer. She loves, loves, loves her squeeky toys!!! The little monkey also made me work. I had to come up with whole bunch of different attention grabbing noises because she would only respond once to a new noise and then would ignore it after that. She sure is a cutie pie!



I very much enjoyed going to a horse show this morning to photograph Peter and Desy. Desy has the sweetest temperament and is so affectionate. She will nestle her head into your chest when you are patting her. She is still pretty green and was entered in the Green Hunter class this morning. She did well with a second place in the second jumpers class of the morning and 4th place under saddle. You can certainly see that she has a lot of potential in the ring when watching her jump!!

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